Mobile Phone Crime: The UK Hotspots

mobile phone crime

Incidents of mobile phone crime in the UK are on the rise, with many criminals taking advantage of the surge in the mobile phone market. As a result, finding methods of prevention is becoming increasingly important to allow mobile owners a feeling of security when using their phones. With this website you can stay informed about the latest scams, hacks, and frauds that are targeting mobile phones. It provides a wealth of information that can help you protect yourself and your loved ones from these threats.

The Value of a Mobile Phone

Over the past twenty years mobile phone technology has developed in leaps and bounds and mobile phones today are seen as an item that no one can live without. The 21st-century telephone provides every service one could desire, ranging from maps to banking to gaming. As a result, the value of a mobile phone has grown, not just in sentimental terms but also in monetary ones, making it an item at great risk of theft.

The Growth of Mobile Phone Crime

The accessibility of mobile phones in addition to their value has made them a prime target for robbery. According to police figures, on average 264 mobile phones are stolen each day, with incidents of crime increasing year after year.

Figures also suggest that the crime is increasingly a youth-perpetrated one, with children as young as nine now participating in mobile phone theft and over half of those arrested in London in their teens. Figures suggest that approximately 16,500 teenagers across the UK have been arrested for the crime in the past three years alone. Visit the website today to learn more about mobile phone crime and how to stay safe.

Where to Watch Out

There are particular places in which you are, statistically, at higher risk of being a victim of mobile phone crime. Hotspots for theft include central London’s Hyde Park and Greyfriars Road in Cardiff. Other areas reporting high levels of mobile phone theft in the months up until November 2012 are Sheffield city centre, Castle Ward in Leicester and Bristol city centre, which reported 1,309, 742 and 399 thefts respectively.

How to Prevent Theft

Though many may not perceive mobile phone theft as a serious crime in comparison to other offences, such as those involving physical violence or requiring tax fraud solicitors, the experience is a traumatic one for any victim involved. In addition, with only one percent of mobile handsets stolen ever recovered, losses are substantial.

As such, prevention is by far the most effective step forward. Though it is no guarantee that theft will not take place, there are some basic steps that can be taken to greatly reduce anyone’s chances of being robbed of their mobile device.

Firstly, always keep your mobile phone on your person, rather than leaving it lying on tables or other places in which it could quickly and subtly be scooped up by a sticky-fingered passer-by. Secondly, when not in use, make sure your phone is discreetly and securely hidden from view. This way, any temptation to steal from seeing the phone would be prevented. Thirdly, when using your phone in a public place, take care not to draw too much attention to yourself. Remember that robbers are eagle eyed and swift of hand and all it takes is a few moments of distraction for your phone to be gone for good.

With almost everyone in the UK today in possession of a mobile phone, it is little surprise that incidents of mobile phone theft are on the rise. With a wide base from whom to rob and increasingly sophisticated and valuable mobile models on the market, crime is an increasingly profitable one for its perpetrators. However, there are steps that can be taken by mobile phone owners to ensure their phones stay safe and theft figures decrease in the process.

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