Pest Control Tips to Help You Prevent Spring and Summertime Intruders


There are different things to look forward to with every changing season, but once the clocks have sprung forward, you know warmer weather and longer days are just around the corner. However, the spring and summer months also bring with them a variety of bothersome pests to watch out for. Get expert advice on how to keep your home pest-free this season by visiting this website .

It’s probably only a matter of time before you start noticing bees buzzing in your ear, ants crawling over the pavement and spiders spinning up webs, which is all part of our natural environment, but the goal is to keep these insects and all the other bugs and vermin out there away from your property and discourage them from making their way inside your home. So there is Pest control in city areas that will help you in eradicating these pests from your homes or your properties.

Start Your Spring Cleaning

Getting started on your spring cleaning early in the season will not only help you declutter and freshen up your home but also make it much less appealing for insects and rodents who are looking for food, shelter, and water. Clear out closets and drawers of things you no longer wear or use to minimize hiding spots, deep clean your kitchen, making sure to keep counters and floors free of crumbs and sticky spills, throw out old food, and tightly seal the food you’re storing in cupboards and pantries, and if necessary, invest in heavy duty trash cans with lids that fit firmly in place. Say goodbye to unwanted guests. Learn effective pest control tips from .

Doing a full inspection to evaluate the condition of the exterior of your home should be part of your spring cleaning routine as well. This would include assessing how close trees and shrubs are to your foundation and trimming them back if it’s needed, moving your pile of winter firewood as far from the structure as possible, identifying any potentially dangerous insect nests, and doing a good sweep of gutters to get rid of debris.

Make Any Necessary Household Repairs

This is also a great time to take care of any household repairs you’ve been putting off or wasn’t able to get to in the winter. Closely examine your property for cracks and crevices that need to be sealed because even the smallest opening can be an invitation for all sorts of creepy crawlies to come right in. Inspect the roof for holes and other damage, and use mesh wiring to cover the chimney entrance. Check and fix all leaky pipes to reduce dark, damp spaces that insects and rodents will be attracted to.

Be On the Lookout For Signs of Bed Bugs

The spring and summer months are vacation time for a lot of people, which means that there’s an increase in the possibility of bringing home bed bugs. As sneaky creatures that invisibly attach themselves to clothing, luggage, pillows, etc., they can travel long distances, and this is how many households become infested. Going to war with a bed bug infestation is not fun or easy, so do your best to keep an eye out for signs that they’ve invaded your space so they can be eliminated right away.

Schedule Your Seasonal Treatment

Pest control is a year-round battle that you shouldn’t try to fight on your own. It’s best to schedule a pest management specialist to come in as the seasons change and apply the appropriate treatment for whichever insects and rodents are most prevalent at that time. As the well-known saying states, “Prevention is better than cure,” so deterring infestations before they take over your home is the most ideal situation. A technician will know exactly what to suggest to achieve the most effective outcome for your particular property.

Don’t let insect and rodent intrusions ruin your spring and summer fun. Follow these pest control tips to keep them far away from your home. Don’t let pesky critters invade your space. Visit to more about Pest Control Ideas.