Refinish Your Patio Furniture to Create a Fresh Look This Year


The weather can take its toll on outdoor patio furniture no matter how hard you try to protect it. The sun can bleach it, the rain, snow, and ice can rust it, and the wind can also cause damage to any protective coverings you may have in place. Due to this, patio furniture often requires maintenance to restore it ready for the summer months. The guidelines for refinishing patio furniture depending on the material that it is made out of. To refinish your patio furniture, you can follow the tips and ideas which are provided on website: .

Wooden Furniture

Perhaps the only good side of wooden furniture being exposed to the elements is that the old finish is loosened enabling it to be easily removed. It’s best to use a high-powered hose or pressure washer to remove the old finish completely and remove any debris. Once the furniture has dried, you will then need to sand it to remove any leftover finish, and to ensure an even surface.

To add a new finish to your wooden furniture, you can use a normal paintbrush or a foam brush. The benefit of a foam brush is that any extra stain or paint will soak into the brush giving you an even texture. They also allow you to get into nooks and crannies more easily.

Finally, it is wise to let the furniture dry indoors if you can. This will prevent any debris from getting into the paint during the drying stage. To refinish your patio furniture, you will need to know the basic steps at here:

Metal Furniture

Before refinishing metal furniture, you need to remove as much rust as possible using either steel wool or a wire brush. Once the rust has been removed, you should spread a layer of Naval Jelly onto the metal. Naval Jelly can be purchased from most hardware stores, but it does contain acid. So make sure you take precautions to protect yourself.

Don’t leave the Naval Jelly in place for too long as it could dry out making it hard to remove. To prevent this from happening, use a garden hose to thoroughly rinse it off your furniture. Hopefully, this should have removed all of the rust, but if it hasn’t, you will need to repeat these steps.

Once the furniture has dried completely, you next need to apply some furniture paint. Metal spray paint is best for the job. Add one to two layers of the paint until you are happy with the finish. Finally, you may also want to add a clear coat of paint to your furniture for some added protection.


Refinishing Patio furniture can be done in one afternoon, and it’s certainly a lot cheaper than reinvesting in a new patio set. Once you have finished working on your furniture, it should look as good as new, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind during the summer months. Why not take your DIY talents to the next level and work on your garden next? Learn here how to give your outdoor furniture a new lease of life with our expert tips and tricks.