Video Games Can Improve Sight


It is quite likely that at some point in your life, you have either heard or spoken the infamous remark that “too many video games cause horrible eyes.” If you are one of the people who is reading this, it is highly likely that you have heard or said this remark. Now, depending on which side of the fence you were on when you read this, I have some news for you to contemplate that is either good news or bad news for you. Playing video games can actually improve your eyesight! explore this websiteto know how video games can benefit your eyes and vision.

Studies from the University of Rochester have concluded that playing high-action video games for as little as a few hours a week can provide benefits to poor peepers. The team focused on the fast-paced shooter game ‘Unreal Tournament’ and found that just 30 hours of play resulted in an improvement of visual acuity as high as 20%. Searching for innovative and entertaining video game information? Click here at this website for all solution!

This seems to be the case because of the way our brains process visual signals. When engaging in rapid-paced video games which require constant focus our minds are required to work slightly differently to keep up with what’s on-screen – the result is that we become better able to pick out fine details amongst other images, such as on an eye test.

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The study

The inquiry that was conducted ended up being a fairly straightforward one. The first thing that the group did was search find a group of kids that were only able to play video games on an exceedingly rare basis. This presented a challenge by virtue of its own.

The group was then split up into two subgroups, and one was asked to play Unreal Tournament for an hour a day whilst the other played Tetris. The results were astounding, and after as little as one month the difference in the group’s abilities to process imagery was noticeable.

The fact that these games push the brain to work hard for extended periods results in a higher functionality, and Daphne Bavelier, head of the study, said that this functionality can easily be carried over into more practical everyday uses.


Reception to the study was mixed. Understandably, we can presume that big names in the gaming industry will be jumping for joy at the results which are bound to seem promising for an industry that often receives heavy criticism.

To the contrary though, we may get the feeling that with such consistent arguments provided for both sides of the gaming world, this may be no more than a drop in the ocean.

This may be a particularly pertinent point following other comments on the study, which discussed that rather than training visual acuity, the results have proven nothing more than how gaming can help the eyes to search large areas and pick out important objects – a completely different thing altogether.

In spite of this, and even if we choose to take that stance on the issue, there are still some positives to be gained from the gaming industry at this time, so things are not entirely bleak in this sector. For example, there are still some positives to be gained from the gaming industry at this time. Learn how playing video games can improve your vision and visual processing skills by clicking here .